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so I switched out the inks on my printer leading them to print incorrectly. after I manipulated the print, I scanned the resulting image and printed it back onto the same sheet of paper. repeated multiple times. this “self portrait” is the result. details on the process below.

awkward self portrait

first i switched these chips on the backs of the ink cartridges. this allowed me to replace a cyan cartridge with a yellow cartridge and the printer would be fooled.

then i had to clean my printer heads so that there wouldn’t be any residual ink left over that would muddy up the print.

so then the printer thinks it outputs an accurate image.  in this case my yellowish tint of the background wall and chandelier becomes blue.

then i alter the print with thinner and sand paper. after this step, i’ll scan the resulting image and print it back onto the same piece of paper

after the second or third version you start to get weird tracer effects. the ink starts to gunk up and the paper falls apart about the sixth print. the self portrait above was probably about 8-9 prints. i’m still playing with the process to see if i can get something i like. for now a fun experiment .. . .

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